Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A heartwarming moment captured in a video when a Mall Santa uses sign language to help a little girl who is deaf.

The viral video starts off when a little young girl is seen sitting in the lap of Mall Santa. Her mom is taking a video of her.
You can hear her mom say in the background "You're so cute."
And the little girl replies with a cute smile on her face.

You can see on her face that she is not excited about being with Mall Santa at the start of the video.
And she attempts to go down instead of talking to Mall Santa.
After that, her mom says "Sorry, She can't talk very well."

Then Mall Santa asks her mom "Can she sign at all?" in which her mom replies "Yeah she does animals and things like that."

And hereafter is where the magic began, after hearing that, Mall Santa attempts to communicate with the little girl.

In the several seconds that followed after, the little girl was heartwarmingly communicating with Mall Santa.
Here is what the communication was all about as a Reddit user (Jwhitx) tried to source some of the words.
Santa: Santa wants to know did you write to ask for a baby doll?
Child: Yes I want a baby doll too.
Santa: You want it too? Do you want a video game too?
Child: No. You are able to use sign language?
Santa: Do you want a bicycle?
Child: No I don't want to fall.
Santa: I'm nice. Santa is nice.

It gives you a nice and warm feeling to see this kind of video once in a while.
Even though it feels like a small gesture of kindness by Mall Santa,
to the little girl, it could be enough to make her Christmas dreams come true.
It indeed is what defines the Spirit of Christmas.
You can watch the full video below :

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