Monday, May 1, 2017

OG won the game 1 over VP at Kiev Major Tournament.

Dota 2 Keiv Major Tournament Grand Final Game 1 win by Team OG.
Team OG is composed of: N0tail, ana, s4, Fly and JerAx.
Their opponent is Team Virtus.Pro VP Composed by: Solo, Lil, Noone, 9pasha and RAMZE666/
OG Picked Phoenix, Invoker, Monkey King, Bat rider and Terrorblade. While Virtus Pro picked Warlock, Slark, Ursa Warrior, Magnus and Tuskar.
At the first 4th minute, a successful gank of Monkey King, Phoenix and Terrorblade in the bottom lane drew a first blood. Killing Magnus with Invoker's (ana) Sunstrike.

At 5:14 Slark (VP RAMZES666) killed S4's Bat Rider at the top lane. Making the score even, 1 - 1.

9:30 great clash happened. When Bat Rider tried to kill (No[one]) Ursa in the mid lane. Warlock and Tuskar came for the rescue for VP, then Monkey King, Invoker and Phoenix came for to respond for the OG. Suddenly Magnus entered with a perfect Reverse Polarity Killing Monkey and Invoker. While Slark and Tuskar was killed by S4's Bat rider. Giving him a double kill in that clash.

33:49 a superb clash again happened. When Bat Rider pulled Ursa with his flaming laso into the wukong's command of Monkey King. But a 4 man Reverse Polarity was perfectly executed. Killing Phoenix, Monkey King, Tuskar and Terrorblade. Giving (No[o]ne) Ursa a triple kill.

At 49:07 the last clash and it ends the game 1. When Ursa and Slark tries to kill Invoker. Pushing at the Dire's bottom lane. But Bat Rider came for the rescue saving Invoker using his forcestaff. A great Executuon from both teams but OG remained victorious. Killing 5 men for VP and 2 for OG.

Then the GG was called giving the OG a game 1 lead against VP.

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