Tuesday, April 25, 2017

SK Telecom T1 vs kt Rolster in the 2017 LCK Spring Season Finals (League of Legends)

It's telecom wars again in the 2017 LCK Spring Season between SK Telecom T1 and kt Rolster. These two teams battled twice in the regular season and SK Telecom T1 got the upper hand by winning both series 2-1.

Game 1 matchup:

SK Telecom T1                    kt Rolster

Fizz [Mid] (Faker)               Syndra [Mid] (Pawn)

Varus [ADC] (Bang)            Ashe [ADC] (Deft)

Lulu [Support] (Wolf)         Malzahar [Support] (Mata)

Shen [Top] (Huni)               Jayce [Top] (Smeb)

Lee Sin [Jungle] (Peanut)     Elise [Jungle] (Score)

SKT started the match with a cheeky 5 man invade on the jungle side of kt but
didn’t catch anyone.

The game continued on as a back and forth battle.
Both teams took kills on every side of the map.
Although kt was looking advantageous at a later part of the game. Everything went south when an arrow fired by Ashe intended for Lulu hit Lee Sin instead.

kt went for the engage but SKT was ready to counterattack, kt loses their Ashe and Syndra in the skirmish.
SKT then went for baron.
Jayce and Elise tried to prevent it but loses their life in the process in exchange for Lee Sin.
SKT still got the baron.
At the 35:33 mark Jayce got caught by his lonesome on the top side and a fight was started.
kt lost the fight with four players down and SKT won the game 1-0.

Game 2 matchup:

SK Telecom T1                     kt Rolster

Karma [Mid] (Faker)            LeBlanc [Mid] (Pawn)

Twitch [ADC] (Bang)           Ashe [ADC] (Deft)

Lulu [Support] (Wolf)           Malzahar [Support] (Mata)

Camille [Top] (Huni)            Fiora [Top] (Smeb)

Lee Sin [Jungle] (Peanut)      Graves [Jungle] (Score)

A damage to damage matchup ensues on Game 2.
Lee Sin got the kill on Ashe after ganking early.

kt are struggling to kill anyone as shields are coming from Lulu and Karma from the side of SKT.

Peanut’s Lee sin is unstoppable and making magnificent plays that led to SKT sealing the win.

SKT 2-0 and Peanut’s Lee Sin is now 11-0.

Game 3 matchup:

SK Telecom T1                 kt Rolster

Lulu [Mid] (Faker)            LeBlanc [Mid] (Pawn)

Twitch [ADC] (Bang)        Ashe [ADC] (Deft)

Lulu [Support] (Wolf)        Karma [Support] (Mata)

Gragas [Top] (Huni)           Jayce [Top] (Smeb)

Graves [Jungle] (Peanut)     Rengar [Jungle] (Score)

kt banned Peanut’s Lee Sin in game 3.
The game starts off aggressively with both team gaining three kills each within the 6 minute mark with Faker’s Lulu soloing Pawn’s LeBlanc in mid.

It goes south again for kt when they tried to engage on Nami at the top lane giving Graves kills and boosted him up as monster the whole game.

kt had no way back and SKT continued to win 3-0.

Congrats to SKT on winning the tournament 3-0.


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